Ultra Light Weight: 2.4lbs – Level 3

This is the lightest level 3 plate we have ever used.

It feels great in any plate carrier setup and perfect for those who want to reduce their overall rig weight.

One (1) single plate.


  • 10×12″ SAPI Cut
  • Multi-Curve
  • Weight: 2.4lbs (2lb 7.6oz)
  • Thickness: ~0.9″
  • NIJ III / RF1
  • UHMWPE Composite Construction
  • Buoyant
  • Multi-hit Capable
  • Can be Upgraded to Level 4 Using Add on Accessories (“Storm: Disruptor” Plate sold separately)

The Storm Foundation

The Storm “Foundation” plate is unlike any other plate we have seen.

While being ultra light weight, it also has the ability to be upgraded for additional protection.

Unlike other ultra light weight plate companies, this comes with 10×12″ SAPI cut which is useful for most plate carriers (including ours).

While most steel Lv3 armor plates can weigh around 7lbs – 9lbs per plate, this plate came in at just 2.4lbs!

That means 2 of these plates can weigh less than 1 generic steel armor plate.


  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (“UHMWPE”) composite armor is made from long, highly crystalline, highly oriented fibers of the simple hydrocarbon polymer polyethylene (C2H4).

    UHMWPE fibers offer an outstanding performance-to-weight ratio on account of the high strength and stiffness of the bond between their carbon atoms, an intrinsically low defect rate, and a very low specific gravity. (0.96 gm/cc.) UHMWPE-resin fiber composites exhibit truly outstanding performance characteristics in body armor systems, and enable very lightweight hard armor plates — both as a standalone material for protection from rifle ball rounds with lead or mild steel cores, and as a backer for a ceramic strike-face in plates designed to stop AP rounds.

    The Storm Foundation is an example of both types: It is a top-tier UHMWPE composite armor plate, among the world’s lightest and thinnest, that can be used either standalone or up-armored.

    (Source: Adept Armor)

  • Level III body armor is armor that complies with the NIJ 0101.06 Level III specification and is rated to stop six shots of 7.62x51mm M80 NATO Ball at approximately 2780 feet per second.

    With rare exceptions, Level III armor systems are rigid body armor plates. Generally speaking, the “Level III” armor rating was intended to cover all common rifle ball round threats, but it does not do so in practice.

    Steel armor plates rated to Level III can fail against fast-moving lead-cored ball rounds such as the M193, and steel armor plates are usually not rated to stop that threat at muzzle velocity.

    UHMWPE armor plates rated to Level III can fail against ball rounds with steel penetrators, such as the M855, and are not rated to stop that threat.

    The Storm: Foundation is a UHMWPE Level 3 body armor plate that will stop lead-cored rounds such as M193 and M80 ball, and mild steel cored rounds such as the 7.62x39mm Type PS and 7.62x54mmR LPS.

    (Source: Adept Armor)

Weight 42 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2 in