What is it?

This is a RED Anti-Rotation insert that is compatible with SLR Rifleworks Handguards.

This small piece goes between the handguard and the upper receiver of your AR in order to help maintain the position of the gas tube and rail alignment.

When it is colored red, it helps to add a nice color accent!

What is it so Expensive?

We have to put these anti-rotation inserts through a custom process, since SLR Rifleworks (at the time of making this) currently only produces this part in black!

That would this the only one on the market in RED. There are pictures floating around online of other colored ones, but from what we have seen, none are in stock or were only one-time, limited runs.

How These are Made

We first receive the parts from SLR Rifleworks, remove the black anodizing, polish, and re-anodize them with a dark red color.

This process is not cheap and extremely inefficient since we only do this in such small batches; the end result is a tiny part that costs a lot to produce!

Was it worth it? Of course it was!

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in