Transform your boring AR15 lower into a kawaii anime themed Raifu!

These stickers are sized to work on any milspec AR15 lower and fits most other lowers.

If there are engravings already on the magwell, you might not be able to apply the decal, please check your AR to see if it is suitable for applying a decal.


  • Water resistant adhesive
  • This is intended to be permanently applied
  • High quality decal

Why is Our Decal Special?

Most other transfer vinyl companies are not able to produce such a precise decal at this tiny size.

We worked with a company that specializes in printing for watch faces, in order to provide one of the most high quality anime gun decals on the market!

How Durable is It?

We have done some extensive torture testing on these decals. You would have to deliberately scrape at it with a blade to effectively remove the decal (assuming it was properly mounted to begin with).

Once properly applied, this decal is extremely durable! As long as you aren’t dragging your rifle through gravel on a daily basis, you would have a hard time removing the decal.

As with all stickers, over time (and with exposure to the elements), the bond may become weaker.

How to Apply the Decal

Step 1 – Clean the mounting surface

Ensure there is no dust or oils on the mounting surface. The decal will stick better to matte surfaces than polished or glossy finished surfaces.

Step 2 – Plan the Mounting Location

Check to see if the sticker will fit on the desired location.

Pro tip: Once you find the proper mounting location, you can cut the excess paper from the decal and line it up with the edge of your AR magwell.

Step 3 – Carefully peel the clear plastic part

Very carefully separate the clear plastic part from the paper, ensuring that the vinyl sticks to the clear plastic.

Sometimes the vinyl wants to stick to the paper, you can fix this by pressing firmly down on the clear plastic and trying again or by peeling from a different angle.

If all else fails, you can try to peel the paper while keeping the clear plastic straight or using a razer blade to pick up the edge of the vinyl if it is really being stubborn!

This part is critical so be patient and ensure that the entire vinyl decal is removed from the paper.

Step 4 – Mount it!

Press firmly on the location that you want to mount the vinyl. If any part of the vinyl begins to touch to the surface, you’re most likely committed to that spot; lifting the decal off the surface at this point may cause damage to the decal.

Wait a few moments and press out all the air bubbles.

Step 5 – Peel it!

Very carefully peel the plastic from the mounting surface. Some parts of the vinyl, especially sharp edges might want to come up with the plastic, again, try changing the direction or pressing the vinyl down.

Note: The GIF above is sped up for dramatic effect. You probably don’t want to rip it off at this speed!

The small lettering on the “KTactical” logo is extremely difficult to transfer to the surface unless it is a perfectly dry, flat, matte surface.

Most attempts at mounting the logo will probably fail, and you can scrape off any remnants of the logo if the transfer is unsuccessful.

The longer you wait before peeling off the clear plastic, the more likely you are to succeed in a perfect transfer!

If in doubt, just leave it alone for a while before peeling the plastic.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 in