Product Details:
  • Size: (Select Size above)
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Black (outside) / Red (Inside)
  • Belt Thickness: ~1/8th Inch
  • Belt Height: ~1/2 Inch (Works with most holsters)
  • Hole count: 8
  • Hardness (Super Soft) 1 – 5 (Super Hard): 3 Kind of in the middle
This is a sweet looking belt that offers both a classy look with the build quality of a nice CCW belt. You want to have a nice belt that will hook on to your holster properly and provide the best possible draw. Being stylish helps make this a good everyday belt!

How to check your Belt Size?

An easy way to size your belt is to check your pants size. For example, a 32″ waist pants means you might need at least a 34″ belt hole.

Please also consider, if you are carrying, depending on the size of your carry piece, you may need to add 2 – 4 inches of extra length!

Another way to check the belt size, is to check the photos above, look at your current belt and locate the hole you usually have your belt set at. Measure from the end of your buckle to the hole. Compare with the photos above to see which size will be suit you!

Note: Holster not included!
Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in

(S) 24" – 28", (M) 30" – 40", (L) 38" – 46"