About Us

What is her name?

She doesn’t really have a name yet.

What does the “K” Stand For?

The “K” originally comes from our previous name as “K-Tech Airsoft”.

The “K” from “K-Tech Airsoft” has several theories. One of them is that it stands for “Korea” since one of the early members was Korean.

However, the most prominent theory is that it doesn’t mean anything and just sounded cool!

Now that KTactcal has been taken over by weebs, it seems that the “K” most likely stands for “Kawaii” meaning cute in Japanese.

Do You Guys Still Do Airsoft Products?

Some of our Airsoft products are still on the market and can be bought through our various retailers, but we have shifted our focus entirely to tactical gear and accessories.

Our products can be used for Airsoft but they were primarily designed for real tactical and training use.

Who Are We?

KTactical is dedicated to developing high quality, battle tested products!

KTactical is a small team located in the unlikely state of California.

Our products are designed, battle tested, and perfected in California.

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