13.7″ Complete AR Upper
(16″ Pinned & Welded)

The upper comes in at around ~3.9lbs.
Put it on a standard AR lower and you’re looking at a cool ~5.9lbs build!

We aimed to build a light weight, yet practical, upper that could be used for duty use, competition use, and home defense.

Kawaii Mini 5″ 556 AR – Complete Upper

There is nothing like this currently on the market: a complete 5″ 556 upper receiver ready to drop in and use!

Comes equipped with a Holosun HS503CU, Surefire Warden, Surefire Socom Brake (for extra loudness), our rail mounted tactical flashlight and a few other bells and whistles that no other company currently offers.

KTactical 16″ 223 Wylde AR – Complete Upper

This is the full sized 16″ barrel version of the Kawaii series or AR Complete Upper Receivers by KTactical.

Comes with a TiN coated, spiral fluted 16″ 223 Wylde barrel, ultra light weight 7075 M-LOK Handguard, and more premium parts that make this a truly special upper!

Kawaii Tactical 80% AR15 Lower Receiver

Get your hands on the most Kawaii 80% lower on the market!

Perfect for anime lovers. CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum and anodized black, get your weeb friends something they will love!

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