WHY?! Fried Chicken Grip?!

Simple. There’s no better way to shove moronic gun laws in the face of your enemy than with a ridiculous (compliant) gun build!

Transform your evil AR15 into a featureless CHICKEN HUNTING rifle, just as the founding fathers intended your 2nd amendment rights to be.

Is it Compliant?

Most likely, in our opinion, *totally not legal advice,* yes.

Why are they so Expensive?

These chicken grips are HAND CARVED by the chefs at KTactical.

These start off as rubberized, fake food chicken drumsticks that go through a rigorous process to mount on to an AR15 lower.

Each grip takes countless hours of cutting, fitting, and refining before they are ready to sell. All done by hand, in our workshop, in the USA!

You can expect that these are quite costly to produce and time consuming.

All for a joke? But 100% worth it!


  • Do NOT over tighten the grip screw. These grips are thick and strong but also made of soft rubber material, over tightening the grip screw can cause the grip to crack and break.
  • Do NOT hold the gun exclusively by the grip, especially the thin part of the grip. It’s a cool looking grip, but you can’t throw your rifle through mud and gravel and expect the grip to survive.
  • The Featureless grip will render a standard milspec safety useless, so make sure it’s on SEMI before installing the grip.
  • Make sure to follow all federal and local laws and regulations in your area. We are not responsible if some cop does not like your chicken jokes.

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Fried Chicken (Rubberized) AR15 Grip
  • 1 X Mounting Screw
  • 1 X Bronze Anodized Mounting Washer
  • 1 X Selector Switch Grip Spring (glued into the grip so you can’t lose it!)


We do not offer refunds for change of laws, rules, regulations, etc. You really gonna do our chefs like that?

Also, no, you can not eat it.

Legal Notice:

We are not giving legal advice of any kind and make no claims that these grips are legal in your specific jurisdiction. It has been observed that some corrupt politicians and agencies have been known to not even follow their own arbitrary “definitions” and simply pick and choose to enforce what is legal and what is not. So you’re on your own kid.

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in

Featureless Grip, Pistol Grip