Anime Patches

If you aren’t running them on your gear, you’re old fashioned.

Anime is the new trend in the firearms industry and we’ll know who is cool and who isn’t by their cringe worthy patches.

See all our patches below.

Morale Patches

Morale Patches have no specific meaning, but rather help to keep the wearer looking cool and feeling good! Boost morale with a kawaii patch for you and your squad!

Utility Patches

Utility Patches serve an important function in helping the user (or their squad mates) identify critical information such as the location of medical, electrical, or other important gear!

Designation Patches

Designation Patches are useful in assigning roles for each squad mate. These patches can mean anything to a specific squad, but generally: General Assault, Breacher, Sniper, and CQB.

Patch Packs

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