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Our Lightest Rifle Upper Ever

The upper comes in at around ~3.9lbs.
Put it on a standard AR lower and you’re looking at a cool ~5.9lbs build!

Even fully tacced out (above) the entire rifle is still light weight and maneuverable.

We aimed to build a light weight, yet practical, upper that could be used for duty use, competition use, and home defense.

Why Pinned & Welded?

Doing a “pinned and welded” build allows for having the shortest legal rifle length possible (without requiring an SBR registration).

Not only do we save that extra 2.3 inches of barrel length, but also the weight of that extra barrel length is shaved off. The muzzle device doesn’t weight nearly as much as a thick profile barrel.

Additionally, we used a shorter handguard to help keep the center of balance near the body of the rifle. Holding this rifle feels extremely comfortable and natural.

Components List

Estimated retail value: $1,680.00

  • 13.7″ Spiral Fluted 223 Wylde Barrel
  • Pinned & Welded SureFire WARCOMP
  • Clamp On, 2 Piece JP Enterprises Adjustable Gas Block
  • Black Nitride Carbine Length Gas Tube
  • RED Anti-Rotation Insert
  • SLR Helix 7075 Handguard (9″ or 10.5″ Depending on Options Chosen)
  • KTactical BAT Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • Rose Gold (SP4 Coated), Highly Polished 556 BCG
  • KTactical AR Billet Upper Receiver 7075
  • Assembly, Pin and Weld, Test Firing
  • The upper receiver comes fully assembled (according to the kit that your ordered).

    However, the lower parts and other accessories will need to be assembled by the end user (assuming your kit includes any lower parts such as: trigger, buffer, spring, etc.)

  • These kits do NOT contain any parts that require shipment to an FFL.

    There are some shipping restrictions to certain states and cities which can be checked at checkout when entering your zip code, and depending on which kit you selected.

  • Yes. All of our uppers are test fired and function tested before they are shipped out. No upper leaves our warehouse without a seal of approval!

    If you notice any signs of use on your upper, this is most likely due to the test firing.

    We do our best to clean up after test firing, but there may be some marks on the charging handle, brake, and inner components from the test firing process.

    Rest assured that your upper is considered in “brand new” condition when it is shipped out and that test firing is a necessary part of the upper completion process.

  • The 223 Wylde chambering will allow for the safe use of both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition.

    You can read more about .223 Wylde here.

  • The gas block can be easily adjusted without taking off the rail, by accessing the hex screw located on the side of the gas block using a hex tool.

    Under most circumstances, the end user will not need to adjust the gas block.

    However, if they plan to use specialized ammunition or a muzzle device which requires lower gas pressure, then the convenient option to adjust the gas block from the side is always available.

  • Specifications on the size, assuming only parts used from our kit:

    • Barrel Length: 16 inches
    • Recommended Gun Bag Size: 42 inches and above
    • If you use a LAW Folding Adapter, you can actually fit this in a tiny 28″ SBR Bag with the Stock Folded.
  • We recommend using this 42″ EVA Soft Padded Thin Rifle Bag from Evolution Outdoor:

    If you have a LAW Tactical Folding Stock Adapter on your lower, you can actually fit this upper in a 28″ Evolution Outdoor SBR Bag.

  • We stand behind our product! No upper is shipped without a thorough and complete test fire and documentation.

    However, if any issue arises that we determine to be the fault of our assembly or failure of the included parts, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss several options such as:

    • Return
    • Repair / Replacement
    • Possible Fix

    In some cases, the unit may not be functioning properly due to user error, such as improperly tuning the gas block, using the wrong buffer or buffer spring, using over pressured ammo, or having lower parts that are not compatible with the desired function.

    If the malfunction or damage is caused by faulty ammo, we suggest your best course of action to contact the ammo manufacturer.

    If the issue is related to any of the included accessories, such as the optic or peripheral accessories malfunctioning, you should be able to get a replacement unit directly from the manufacturer, but you can also reach out to us if you are uncertain about what to do.

    For all other inquiries or if you’re just not sure if something is working right, feel free to reach out to us here.

  • Misuse could cause serious injury or even death. Have a licensed gunsmith set up this product. We will not be held liable for any injury, damage of property, direct and/or incidental damages, loss of health, death, or any other damage as a result of using this product or included components. Small parts, choking hazard: keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Note: 3rd party products packaged in this bundle does not imply endorsement, partnership, collaboration, or sponsorship of any kind with these 3rd party companies. All NFA / federal rules apply. Responsibility of the purchaser / user to follow all local laws and regulations. 

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