We Moved! KTechAirsoft is now “K-Tactical”

We Moved! KTechAirsoft is now “K-Tactical” 2154 1080 KTactical Team

We have grown significantly as a company since the airsoft days.

While we hold airsoft with nostalgic memories and fun times, we have made significant progress towards the tactical products and peripherals market.

KTechAirsoft is now known as “K-Tactical”. Our old website will be redirected here.

What does K-Tactical do?

K-Tactical produces various tactical products and accessories from holsters to flashlights to pocket knives.

Primarily, we sell directly to our customers so there’s no insane markup or crazy retail price.

Currently, our holsters, flashlights, and carabiners have been extremely popular.

You should notice the new “K-Tactical” logo on all our new products.

What about the airsoft products?

We still have relationships with various airsoft retail outlets. Our airsoft products may be made on demand for these retailers, but we are not actively researching or developing new airsoft products at this moment.

What does the “K” stand for?

The “K” in K-Tactical is carried over from the “K” in K-Tech Airsoft.

The “K” from K-Tech Airsoft has several origin theories.

Some believe it was the first initial for a very skilled airsoft player who supported K-Tech Airsoft in the early days.

Others believe the “K” stood for “kinetic” as it related to early product designs of an airsoft gun prototype. The exact origin of the “K” in K-Tech Airsoft is unknown and remains a mystery to this day.

What will happen to

The old website will begin redirecting to this new website.

Do we need to update contact information?

The email addresses for our team members will remain the same.

Thank You

Thank you for all your support throughout the years. We really hope to continue supporting all our fans, including our airsoft fans, as we continue developing our product line and serving new customers.

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