KTactical Red / Black Kydex OWB Belt Holster for P320 M17 / Carry X / Compact.
This Kydex holster features:
  • Full Trigger Coverage
  • Red inner layer (double wall construction, extra durable)
  • Easy to adjust retention (standard hex key included)
  • Extended Lip to protect the metal shield slide from rubbing against your skin
  • Fully covers the front sight (so it doesn’t snag on draw)
  • Fits up to 2.5″ belt (belt mount included)
  • Fits on most tactical belts up to 2.5 inches belt height
  • Can also fit into molle systems (using a special molle attachment which is not included)
  • Cut for red dot / reflex sights

Has been tested with:

  • P320 X Carry 3.9″ Barrel
  • P320 Compact 3.9″ Barrel
  • P320 Full Size / M17 4.7″ Barrel
  • P320 X5 Legion
Compatible with other accessories on the market such as:
  • Safariland Locking Forks
  • Safariland 6004-19-2 Black QLS 19
  • Safariland MLS 15
  • Pretty much any holster accessory that uses the standard 3 screw mounting design

Also we would be interested to know which models fit / don’t fit, so we can update our data here for future customers!
Weight 5 oz