KTactical Red / Black Kydex IWB Holster for STI 2011 Full Rail models and full length 1911 models with or without full rails.
Has been tested with:
  • STI 2011 5 inch barrel DVC Omni
  • STI 2011 4.5 inch barrel
  • Springfield TRP Operator (Full Rail)
  • Kimber Poly Custom Double Stack 1911
This Kydex holster features:
  • Full Trigger Coverage
  • Red inner layer (double wall construction, extra durable)
  • Easy to adjust retention (standard hex key included)
  • Extended Lip to protect the metal shield slide from rubbing against your skin
  • Fully covers the front sight (so it doesn’t snag on draw)
A lot of thought and experimentation was put into the design of this holster. please feel free to reach out to us if it does not fit with your specific 2011 / 1911 model or custom slide.
Note: This holster does NOT fit the following:
  • Some Rock Island Armory 5″ Models don’t fit
  • NOT compatible with Recover CC3H Grip and Rail System
  • NOT compatible with SIG SAUER 1911 EMPEROR SCORPION
Weight 6 oz