KTactical Pink / White Kydex OWB Belt or Molle mounted Holster for Glock 19 Gen 3 – Gen 5 models.

This Kydex holster features:

  • Full Trigger Coverage
  • Pink inner layer (double wall construction, extra durable)
  • Easy to adjust retention (standard hex key included)
  • Extended Lip to protect the metal shield slide from rubbing against your skin
  • Fully covers the front sight (so it doesn’t snag on draw)
  • Fits up to 2.5″ belt (belt mount included)
A lot of thought and experimentation was put into the design of this holster. please feel free to reach out to us if it does not fit with your specific Glock model or custom slide.

Has also been tested with:

  1. G26 (there will be some excess space at the bottom)
  2. M&P 40 (Need to loosen the tension if it was configured for G19)
  3. Taurus PT111 G2 (there will be some excess space at the bottom)
  4. Fits G17 Models as well (The front protrudes slightly from the front without any noticeable issues)


Compatible with other accessories on the market such as:

  1. Safariland Locking Forks
  2. Safariland 6004-19-2 Black QLS 19
  3. Safariland MLS 15
  4. Pretty much any holster accessory that uses the standard 3 screw mounting design
Weight 5 oz